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CASE #: 347/DD5441, Madeleine McCann, page 20 (still missing)


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Hi, Brian:
I had another vision. I saw a woman with long blonde hair. Her name is LINDA and she has something to do with Madeleine's abduction. Does this mean anything to anyone out there?


Hi Stacy, I do not think so, but will post this.



Hi Brian

 Hope all’s well with you & your family.

 I have 7) points:

 1)  Matthew James mentions RM in todays insight, RM having links to places in the south-east of England & perhaps RM been involved in a covert operation in the past, possibly with secrecy laws, missing children, but he does not seem to think with MM:

 Daily Merlin Insight for Monday 3rd December 2007

Using Servants of the Light tarot
10.25pm - 11:05pm

'Insights received using 'The Original Suspect' as the focus of the working. It was intuited as necessary at this time to revisit 'the man with the phone' .... '

I defy anyone who points the finger at RM and says it 'was him. He did it.' Because this is still not what I sense at all. I contemplated the press release of 'the man with the phone' back in the early days ... I've done it again just now ... I cannot sense any participation in an abduction at all.

There are significators of the characters and elements of the mystery around in this working ... which require some intuited 'comprehension' however.

The User of Weapons (the significator for GM) and The Empress (the significator for KM). The Keeper of Staves (the significator for the former spokesperson of the Unicorn - CM?) ... the Keeper of Crescents and the Giver of Crescents (significators relating to perpetrators of the abduction0 - two of the three I sense to be there at the very heart of the abduction ... and their close tie/link to the media world, hence their secrecy kept intact by someone fully aware of their 'mission' who also has considerable power in the media world to influence the tabloids and also be 'above the law' .... the 4 of Weapons ... and its obvious link to the characters of the Crescents and their insistence to keep pulling RM into the limelight as a way of concealing their own involvements and their own influences ...

The crystal casting has fallen in a not so obvious pattern of the outline of England & Wales ... its border around the 4 of Weapons ... in particular the stone which falls above the female figure in the Giver of Crescents ... geographically that stone appears to be somewhere around Salisbury ... Winchester ... that area inland from Southampton ... what is significant relating to RM there? Perhaps it is nothing at all ... but there is something diversionary about the way the press now focusses once more on RM. Last week it was on his 'girlfriend' ... now it is the original suspect again.

The crystal stones of significance have been described in the working - the pink stone of 'mother love' above the Empress; the black stone of 'secrecy' upon the 4 of Weapons; the 'eye stone' upon the 10 of Spheres and the medical 'granite' stone upon the Keeper of Staves .... all linked it seems to RM. However ... I sense the mother love stone does not relate to Km being linked to RM. I feel it appertains to the mother of RM. I suspect there is something not related specifically to MM which is an undertone to this situation ....

I have always been wary of saying that RM is in truth whiter than white. There is something 'in the region of grey' about this man. The 10 of Spheres and the 6 of Spheres ... RM is involved in something 'covert' .... something appertaining to the 'laws of secrecy' but what it is does not in anyway implicate him with the disappearance of MM. There is contradiction I sense ... but what it relates to I cannot see .. at this point. I dismiss it therefore as irrelevant.

the 6 of Spheres is mention of compensation or 'for someone's troubles' .. a favour or a deed rewarded. Someone seems to be putting someone up to something. There is a sense of a scapegoat status for the sake of the 4 of Weapons perhaps?A deliberate implication within the 'cover story' ... and the chance to clear a great deal of money? A favour? I have a sense of some kind of racketeering in the past.

Previous opportunities prior to 'the eye' ... prior to MM ... RM has involvement in covert operations appertaining to missing children perhaps? A covert operation? His expertise valued by someone? Nobody really knows just what RM is about other than what the media 'have revealed' ...

The 10 of Crescents appears to suggest a genuineness about the original suspect towards the McCanns. It is possible he knew of them prior to this mystery ... but it seems to be nothing sinister ... just an awareness that a group of eminent doctors would be staying at the resort close by to where his mother resides ... someone somewhere has a foreknowledge of RM and a cunningness to pull him into the mystery .... but why and how? More workings may well be required to explore this subject still further perhaps?

 2)  Remember that Robert Murat’s sister lives in the south of England, as well as his auntie, Sally Eveleigh, that I believe has property there & some of the Tapas 9 are from that area too:

3-12-07 Daily Mail

“ Officers have not given up on their theory that Madeleine died in an accident in her parents' care and that they covered up her death, possibly with help from their friends or even from Mr Murat.

They were said to be puzzled by possible links between him and Dr O'Brien, 36, and his partner Jane Tanner.

Mr Murat, a property consultant, was visiting his sister in Exeter in April a few days before the disappearance, and Dr O'Brien and Miss Tanner, 37, live there.

A source said: "It needs to be established if Murat knew families with children would be staying 100 metres from where he lived." “

 3)  Remember that Robert Murat’s mother, Jenny Murat, is an ex Nurse. I am wondering if she is some sort of link to the medical connection that Matthew James has brought up many times before, that the abductors or custodians have a link to the medical profession.

 4)  Also, in this link, I still wonder if this is Robert Murat’s auntie, Sally Eveleigh, a Fundraising Manager for an adoption agency in Devon, Dorset & Cornwall, SE England?

5)  The fact that Matthew James mentions the south of England again and especially for me the place ‘Winchester’ stands out,  following the dream that I had 6th May, that I emailed to you in June or July (added below*) of Madeleine being found in a deep hole.

* had a strange dream a few days after Madeleine went missing, that she was found in a deep hole in a grassy area, not much wider than herself & was about 4 feet from the top. I think it was close to a woodland area or definitely some trees around. Madeleine was looking up out of this deep hole & she had pain in her left hip.

I was actually looking up through her eyes & could feel the pain in my left hip. I think I heard above the hole, what I thought was a helicopter, tractor or just traffic (not sure) above, but not long afterwards  I  (she) was found & I could hear myself saying ‘ about blo*dy time & felt a great amount of relief. The feeling I had was that it was actually her father that found her, but sounds too crazy. It sort of reminded me of Saddam Hussein hiding in a hole for so long. What a hiding place.”

 I resent my dream to you again, following your DD some time back, stating that RM was digging a hole, me saying oh no not the dreaded hole! Thinking it was related to the dream that I had.

And then some months later, one of your readers had a very similar dream of Madeleine being in a deep hole too, but the writer also mentioned it being in Winchester, so I resent my original email to you yet again, with the below comments:

“ I find this such a big coincidence that someone should have such a similar dream!!  

 I have thought over & over about my 1st dream in May & I can only think that this ‘maybe’  is the final outcome of Madeleine being found - in a deep hole. I maybe wrong of course. But my dreams in the past years have normally been the final outcome, plane crashes etc.

 If, whoever has Madeleine (alive of course!) may have the intention of handing her back, after they have made their point (whatever that might be) - but how can they hand her back without being arrested?

 It would be an ideal thing for them to do, to hide her in a hole temporarily before reporting anonomously where to find her, with the intention of her not being harmed (hopefully).

 The readers post/dream/vision on your website mentions Winchester & Winchester Cathedral etc  :

 I envisioned her at what appeared to be 8-25 ft inside a narrow dark tunnel; the tunnel appeared to be not much wider than she.  She was looking "UP" to me, from the depth of a dark tunnel. She asked for help.

The words "Winchester", "Diamond", "Lift", "West" and "Windows" were sent today; yesterday the words "River" and "Rote". 

Regarding location:  A clear vision of a BARE BRANCHED tree in the foreground of a lawn of a foggy, grey, damp time of day. In the distance, perhaps 150 to 200 yards away, was a building whose lights were visible through the foggy mist.  The buildings' outline could faintly be observed.  I compared it somewhat to the U.S. Capital building in shape; but not as curved, and, the size was smaller although the building is more than one story.

Doing keyword searches for the words associated with the visions of today, I found "Winchester Cathedral", "Winchester Diamond" (a gun), and, the "West Front of Winchester Cathedral" which to my surprise IS "beveled" on each side, with large windows which would allow light to shine through on a grey, foggy day.

Yesterday, after keyword searching "Rote" and "River" combined, my curiosity was piqued when I found there is a "Rote River" in Germany.

Assuming it was Madeleine whom I connected with today, and I am reading her message clearly; she is alive, in good health, bright eyed, pleading for help, from a small dark tunnel like area.

As you said, it is important for her parents to leave Portugal because if they are imprisoned they can not continue searching for Madeleine.  Perhaps Madeleine is NOT in Portugal? 

 This description of the hole that the writer gives, I am absolutely ‘gob-smacked’ about,  as this is such coincidence, because the hole I saw was not much wider than Madeleine & she/ (I) was looking up.

I am still in shock to be honest. I don’t understand why this persons dream is the same as mine. It must mean something.

Since then, Matthew James has said that the hand-over of Madeleine, he can see is at a church area.

And also you have written in one of your DDs more recently that the church will hand her back.

6)  Also, just an observation, Michaela Walczuch’s surname was also Matias, from a former marriage. Luis Antonio I believe was her partner, not husband?

A restaurant owner by the name of Miguel Matias was one of the public that saw Madeleine with Gerry on 3rd May.

Same surname, I wonder if any relation to Michaela Matias-Walczuch. Although Matias could be a common Portuguese surname.

16-5-07 Daily Mail

“It was during this time that Mr Murat met Michaela Walczuch, a pretty blonde German divorcee, who was a sales person at the Remax property company he joined in April 2005.

According to company director Mr Soares, Murat became instantly attracted to Ms Walczuch. She also used the name Matias, believed to be from a former marriage.

19-9-07 Daily Mail

“ a restaurant owner who is one of the last people to have seen Madeleine McCann told how she danced with her father on the seafront just hours before she vanished.

Miguel Matias, who has never spoken before, said the McCanns seemed a perfectly normal family and there was nothing to hint at the tragedy to come.

Mr McCann played with his eldest daughter in the sand in front of the balcony and pushed her on a swing before calling her to the table for food and an ice-cream.

Mr Matias said: "It was a perfectly normal, relaxed, happy, family scene. The little girl was even dancing on the esplanade with her dad to the sound of music that was playing. "We couldn't believe it when we found out what had happened because nothing we saw gave any sign of what was coming.

"We didn't see anyone suspicious looking at the girl or the people on the other tables. Nor did we see anything out of the ordinary between the families and the children."

Mr Matias's evidence confirms Madeleine was alive and well at 6pm, when the family left the restaurant. “

20-9-07 Daily Telegraph

Page 9: “Madeleine’s last dance with father.” Restaurant owner Miguel Matias says he saw Madeleine eating ice-cream and fruit juice before dancing with Gerry. It was May 3, the day she vanished. Says he:” We didn’t see anyone suspicious looking at the girl.”

7)  Also, remember what one of your readers wrote, below – it still makes me wonder. I’m not sure where the Oldfield’s live? :

“ Brian,

I sent you an e-mail earlier today regarding a "guided imaging" session in which the answer to "Who is with you"? returned "Rachel", "mommies friend".

I just learned the maiden name of Rachel Oldfield is "Manpilly". Rachel Manpilly.  "RM".

I've found news accounts which indicate Matthew Oldfield and Gerry McCann work once co-workers, but I haven't found any information regarding Kate and Rachels friendship.

Could "RM" be Rachel Manpilly?





Hi, anything is possible, but I still think RM is Robert Murat.

Brian “

 Let’s hope & pray that Madeleine is still ok & will be returned safely.

 Sorry if this is a bit long. I am still researching your numbers & cant seem to get to it so often these days.

 Kind regards



Thanks again Z, posted.



Hey Brian,
Just giving you an update!


Thanks Angie, has Caroline been found?


Hunt for copy-cat snatcher

in Praia da Luz

Published: Today

THE parents of a Madeleine McCann lookalike who was the victim of a kidnap bid are to be quizzed by private detectives.

Blue-eyed blonde Carolina Santos, three, was snatched by a Moroccan-looking man four months before Maddie vanished.

Scene of crime ... cafe

The incident happened just 30 minutes’ drive from the McCanns’ holiday flat in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

Carolina’s parents Abel and Lina offered to help cops two weeks after Maddie, four, disappeared but were never questioned.

Maddie ... snatched to order?

Now they will meet private detectives from Spanish agency Metodo 3, hired by Gerry and Kate McCann, both 39.

Abel, 40, said yesterday: “We want to see Maddie found as much as anyone.

“She and Carolina are doubles.”

He and Lina, 29, were working in their cafe at Fonte Louzeiros when Carolina vanished last Christmas Day.

They spotted her with the stranger 300 yards away. When they caught up he fled.

Lina said: “If we hadn’t come out at that moment I don’t know what would have happened.”

It is feared Maddie may have been snatched to order and taken to Morocco.

Metodo 3 said: “This could be relevant.”


If this is true and the cops never questioned the parents...then either they need to be retrained as cops, or they were involved in the abduction.

Also, can someone please research the authors of this article.


12:54 AM

I believe my sever has been moved to the new location, and it working at 100%...going to bed.


McCann parents 'may return to Portugal'

By Fiona Govan in Praia da Luz
Last Updated: 2:18am GMT 05/12/2007


Madeleine McCann's parents could be asked to return to Portugal for further questioning over their daughter's disappearance, it is claimed.

  • A team of investigators will travel to Britain within days with a request to re-interview Kate and Gerry McCann and the seven friends who dined with them on the night their daughter went missing during a family holiday to Portugal.


    If approval is given, the interviews will be carried out by Leicestershire police in the presence of Portuguese detectives, who will be limited to observing proceedings.

    But Portuguese investigators may ask Madeleine's parents and possibly some of their friends return with them to the Algarve for further questioning, it has been reported.

    "Police may feel they need to have someone identified or organize a face-to-face meeting," a source close to the investigation told Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha.

    "The decision will be made depending on the outcome of the interviews in the UK."

    Another newspaper reported that Portuguese police were only waiting for the "green light from British authorities" before leaving for England with requests to interview members of the so-called Tapas Nine, the name given to the McCanns and their friends who were eating dinner on May 3 when Madeleine vanished.

    "We're doing everything we can to get the letters requesting fresh interviews authorised this week," a source told Portuguese daily 24 Horas.

    "They are ready and simply depend on bureaucratic procedures now."

    It has also emerged that the 'letters of appeal', which contain a list of 100 questions that detectives want to put to the group, were 'fast-tracked' after a meeting with the British Ambassador to Portugal.

    Detectives leading the investigation met with newly appointed ambassador Alex Ellis at police headquarters in Faro last week after learning that test results carried out by the Forensic Science Service (FSS) in Birmingham were "inconclusive".


    "It was a private meeting between the Ambassador, the director of the Policia Judiciaria in Faro and the team that was sent to England to analyse the results from the FSS," a senior police source confirmed.

    "In that meeting it was decided that because of a lack of conclusive evidence they should go ahead as quickly as possible with new interrogations of the nine people who dined in the Tapas restaurant on May 3," the source said.

    The McCanns, both 39, were made arguidos – formal suspects – on September 7 after police allegedly found microscopic specks of blood in their holiday apartment and "bodily fluids" they thought could have belonged to Madeleine in the boot of their hire car.

    It has been reported that police are working on the theory that Madeleine's body had been transported in the rental car, weeks after she accidentally died in the holiday apartment.

    Detectives are said to believe that – in the absence of conclusive forensic evidence – the key to unravelling the mystery of Madeleine's disappearance shortly before her fourth birthday could lie with alleged inconsistencies in the statements given by the McCanns and their friends.

    The McCanns left Portugal to return to Rothley in Leicestershire on September 9, less than 48 hours after they were made formal suspects in their daughter's disappearance.

    At the time the couple said that they would be happy to return to Portugal if it assisted police in their inquiries. Last night their official spokesman Clarence Mitchell said that view had not changed.

    "If Kate and Gerry, or indeed any of their friends, are required to go back to the Algarve then they will be more than happy to comply.

    "They will do anything necessary if it helps them move on and be eliminated as suspects."

  • reply

    If they are not ordered to go back, again I would suggest they do not go unless going back can help in the search for their daughter.  If it can, then getting arrested is worth it.


    Hi Brian,

    Forwarding this email to you again in hopes that you will see it and post it for your readers.




    Hi V, sorry, I thought I already had posted this...Brian

    Hi Brian,

    Several people have posted regarding Bette's drawings on the 'help wanted section'. I took a look and was able to decipher some of her writings. Here's what I came up with.

    Picture #7 clearly states across the top in an arch:

    Madeleine is dead because of the publicity
    Antonia Yareaga (? I could be off on this one)
    __________ dropped child ___________ of the galley where she was molested
    and ____________ Then she was placed ________ of a dark garment bag and ________ the ________ off of __________ reserve

    Picture#10 says in part:

    water inside of a green and ____________
    guard ___________ on side of the building
    green and white __________ of the home

    Picture #13 says:

    Mom and father of child will see Madeleine soon

    Picture#14 in part says:

    Madeleine is going home Wednesday


    Not sure what to make of most of the writing. It's very hard to read. Does Bette not have a translation of what she wrote?

    Also, I have sent you several other emails pertaining to this case. Namely the number 416 that showed up in dd#5518 that I feel might be important. Your reader Anne wrote in that she had more dreams and came up with two towns she thought MM might be found (both in Morocco). After further search I discovered that one of the towns was right off of a hwy 416. If you need me to resend those emails please let me know and I shall do so.



    Hi Brian

     Re the email I sent yesterday that you posted, just to correct something on the 1st line of point 1 (below) - I meant to say those places that Matthew James mentions are in the South of England, not SE. Is it possible it could be corrected please. Sorry about that.

     “ 1)  Matthew James mentions RM in todays insight, RM having links to places in the south-east of England & perhaps RM been involved in a covert operation in the past, possibly with secrecy laws, missing children, but he does not seem to think with MM:

     Here’s the map of that area anyway:,+England&ie=UTF8&ll=50.816348,-2.845459&spn=1.655456,5.108643&z=8&om=1

    Today, it seems Matthew James believes MM to be somewhere overseas in relation to the UK,  a land with a mild climate and lush vegetation, a Mediterranean Island (or two), an island other than Malta.

    Who knows.

    Where ever, I wouldn’t mind being there myself as it’s p’ing down with rain here!! 

    For Wednesday 5th December 2007
    Using The Tarot of Atlantis
    10:15pm - 11:05pm

    'Insights based around The Shining Star to intuit situations around her at this time ....'

    An old woman with similar short blond hair to MM pulls in close protectively. Not permitting me to 'get to close' to MM. 'Madeleine IS still alive. You should see that fact is very plain. It is the ONE constant factor all the way through the summer. Di I will not be telling you that again.' The woman is not best pleased with this interruption. She may have shown me her short blond hair ... it was not however how it was towards the end of her life on the earthly plane. It went grey and white then loss its vibrancy. Become rather brittle. Her memory was failing she became forgetful and also hard of hearing. But not now ... the miracle of eternal life and she taps the spring of eternal youth just like in her dreams. She may have been old and frail on the outside but not inside. She links to MM and gives her the strength she needs to get through his ordeal. MM is kept SAFE ... away from the fray and the attention. The old woman is related to KM's and her side of the family. She is not best pleased with the other side and their attitude. They make it obvious do they not? MM is impatient and tired ... and enough is enough but the matter is still too serious a risk to permit her to re-emerge. The threat still is real to those it affects ... her cover must be retained. The old woman pulls in close ... she has been around before and mentioned before ... she asks that ..... (I keep it brief) .... some sign should be recovered or given that indicates to those close and those doubting Thomas's still that she is indeed alive .... it appears something physical and solid needs to be left somewhere? MM is safe and well that is the message to be sent across somehow ... doubt it not .... blind faith must be at its strongest now ... the little miracle endures ... with souls who can be trusted to keep her safe.

    This old woman seems a dab hand at cards. She wears a green card player's hat and is cutting the cards (symbolically) ... she is accomplished at this task ... not tarot but ordinary playing cards ... how she never revealed what she always knew is a mystery. Always had her way at sayings things even now ....

    She calls out the names Veronica and Lynn ... but she won't say why. Fish wives ... fish wives ... maybe she plays a joke here with me for there is a half smile on her face but no she is serious. Bootle and the docks and all that goes on in those places where the sun doesn't shine .... ??? People who weren't married at the time though this fails to make any sense to me at all ... it is left as it is because it is meant ... as is the mystery surrounding MM ... a cover to hide what it really is ... let people make of it what they will but it is necessity to hide what intelligence needs space to breathe ... those she disapproves of the one who it is all centred around and what he has brought to the other family. No more. Nothing else to say. Enough is said.

    MM appears to be linked to a location 'overseas' with this working. Overseas in relation to the UK. A locality shielded deliberately from all the speculation. A land with a mild climate and lush vegetation.

    I intend to be brief with this working tonight. There appears the need for it to be so. It can be elaborated on at a later date ... but it seems that it is impressed on me to summarise.

    I link first with the crescent stone and the cad it has fallen upon ... that of The Emperor. The moonbeams will fall upon Gerry McCann once more it seems ... more falsehood and more insinuation. Someone points their hand and generate speculation. It is not what it appears to be ... the King Of Wands who sits above the Emperor in the working and also in rank it seems in life ... perhaps by age or by family position? The King of Wands is acknowledged as the wiser one ... there appears to be a meeting between the two ... unrelated at all to what may follow.

    3 of Swords & 6 of Swords ... with the Hanged Man in between at the top .... indicates solutions being reached in order to resolve these issues which still exist. Another witness ... or a review of one who watched from within a market .... the media never reveals what has credibility because the media is not permitted. It appears something has truly been investigated and followed behind the scenes ... leads and trails leading to something significant.

    4 of Wands opposite the King of Wands .... between them the sun ... alliances and the joining of forces who might not normally work together ... cohesion gained through the disappearance of MM ...

    Finally the 10 of Chalices at the bottom right ... shielded from the Emperor by the Tower .... love and friendship and recognition ... the tower stood between Gerry McCann and these things shared with someone who now views him as a foe ... this certain someone has something like a skeleton on Gerry McCann perhaps ... but how relevant to MM is all of this?? A skeleton sufficient to compromise him? So he follows suit with what someone demands he undertakes perhaps .. what then ... would MM be returned or would this person still go against their word and keep MM hidden despite all the heartache their action has on innocents lives including MM??? Who could be that cruel? And who or what could motivate this person to be like this??

    I do sense again MM has been residing on a Mediterranean Island (or two) for this time I sense an island other than Malta ...

    Kind regards



    Thanks Z, posted, and it was nice taking to you on the phone last night :)


    Dear Brian,
    I have been keeping abreast of both your site and the Matthew James site, and based on what he has said in the last few days, I found it intriguing that he is convinced that MM is alive and being well taken care of, possibly in the home of someone she knows from before this incident. He mentions a family connection, possibly on Kate's side. He also mentioned the name Brian. The only Brian I know of is Brian Kennedy (uncle of Kate McCann). And I came upon the following info from the web. Not sure if its accurate. Does anybody among your UK readers have more info. of this fellow and his family? Wife, kids, background?? 
    Kate's Uncle - a retired teacher, Jehovas Witness, member of the Fund Board, lives in Rothley with his wife.
    Both you and Matthew James seem to agree that Madeleine was taken to prove a point. He also mentions some connection about the fact of her being an IVF baby. As Madeleine was conceived in Leicester, while the twins were conceived IVF in Holland, I think the "medical connection" could also be via Russell O Brien who also worked with Gerry at the same Leicester Hospital, and who also lives in Exeter, not far from Robert Murat's sister.
    Thanks, Ruth


    Hi Ruth, I do believe she is alive and everyone knows by now where I think she is...but I could be wrong.  Will post this request for you, and whereever she may be, I hope someone finds her. 


    Hi Brian,

     You asked for some information on Neil Syson and Veronica Lorraine.  They both appear to be journalists for the UK’s ‘The Sun’ newspaper, which is what is classed as a ‘downmarket’ tabloid.  Neil Syson appears to have worked there for a good many years, though he was suspended for a while last year for undisclosed reasons (see link).  Veronica has written many articles for the same paper, and has a Sun email address, so it appears she too is on the payroll.

     Keep well.  Let me take this opportunity to wish you and your family very best wishes for Christmas and New Year.

     Kind regards



    Thanks for the help Carol...and you too.


    It just seems that everyone is overlooking several possibilities - regarding that report about a full DNA match to Madeleine in the hire car, isn't it possible that she could have been in the car via someone else early on??  I just don't remember whether or not this was the only car that the McCann's had and if they had it since May 3rd.  Even if they did, someone else could have kidnapped her or worse and driven that car.  I remember reading somewhere that there were only 2 hire cars available when they needed one.  I just wonder if there are other possibilities regarding Madeleine being in the car and it being driven by someone else.  This does not mean that she is safe, however, I have doubts about the absolute involvement of her parents based on this evidence.
    Does anyone have more info about the hire car situation - rental agency and access to keys, other same model cars, and were the McCann's ever away when someone else had access to this car??  Agencies often had many models of the same cars for rent.  Could it have been switched?  I also remember reading about Michaela W. having a rental car and a possible sighting with Madeleine etc.  Then there is always the planted evidence possibility.  DNA seems to be around for a very long time.  Can they with any accuracy tell how recent the DNA is other than if it is very degraded?


    Hi Lisa, request posted.